Suzuki Swift Exterior accessories

<img src="15" Black Polished Alloy Wheel

15" Black Polished Alloy Wheel

<img src="15" Silver Painted Alloy Wheel

15" Silver Painted Alloy Wheel

<img src="Body Decal Set - Black

Body Decal Set - Black

<img src="Body Decal Set - Silver

Body Decal Set - Silver

<img src="Door Mirror Cover

Door Mirror Cover

Available in Chrome, Speedy Blue, Burning Red and Premium Silver.

<img src="Door Visor Set - Smoked 4Pcs

Door Visor Set - Smoked 4Pcs

<img src="Front Fog Lamp Garnish

Front Fog Lamp Garnish

<img src="Front Fog Lamp Kit

Front Fog Lamp Kit

<img src="Front Grille

Front Grille

<img src="Fuel Lid Cover

Fuel Lid Cover

<img src="Gold Emblem - Front

Gold Emblem - Front

<img src="Gold Emblem - Rear

Gold Emblem - Rear

Sold separately - SUZUKI, S and SWIFT

<img src="Grille Centre Garnish

Grille Centre Garnish

Available in Chrome, Speedy Blue and Burning Red.

Front grille and grill centre garnish can only be installed in combination.

<img src="Lip Decal Front Bumper

Lip Decal Front Bumper

<img src="Roof End Spoiler

Roof End Spoiler

Available in Super Black, Pure White, Speedy Blue, Burning Red, Premium Silver

<img src="Roof Rack Set

Roof Rack Set

<img src="Valve Cap Set With S-Logo

Valve Cap Set With S-Logo

<img src="Wheel Decal

Wheel Decal

Available in Blue and Red

Suzuki Swift Interior accessories

<img src="Air Conditioner Filter

Air Conditioner Filter

Deodorising, Antibacterial and Anti-Allergen upgrade 

<img src="Cargo Mat "ECO"

Cargo Mat "ECO"

<img src="Cargo Tray

Cargo Tray

<img src="Console Box Armrest

Console Box Armrest

<img src="Console Box Garnish

Console Box Garnish

Available in Silver, Red, Black and White

<img src="Floor Mats - Set of 4

Floor Mats - Set of 4

Available in Duluxe, Red, Silver and Rubber

<img src="Front Door Trim Garnish

Front Door Trim Garnish

Available in Silver, Red, Black and White

<img src="Instrument Panel Garnish

Instrument Panel Garnish

Available in Silver, Red, Black and White

<img src="Slide Sill Scuff Plate

Slide Sill Scuff Plate

<img src="Sound Upgrade Kit

Sound Upgrade Kit

<img src="USB Socket

USB Socket

Suzuki Swift Safety & Security accessories

<img src="Bumper Protection Sheet

Bumper Protection Sheet

Available in Black and Transparent

<img src="First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

<img src="Rain Sensor

Rain Sensor

<img src="Rear Seat Protective Cover

Rear Seat Protective Cover

<img src="Reverse Parking Aid

Reverse Parking Aid

Available in Pure White, Speedy Blue, Burning Red, Premium Silver, Super Black and Mineral Grey


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